Monsieur Lambert

“Monsieur Lambert” by Sempé.

Borrowed from the Local library, in response to a post on Vintage Kids’ Books My Kid Loves, in which the blogs’ author, Burgin Streetman, notes Sempe as one of her all time favourite illustrators.

In my honest opinion, I didn’t love the story of the book, it is narrated with speech bubbles, and I gave up half way through. But the illustrations, particularly those in watercolour, are so inviting.

I enjoy his attention to detail, an incite into another view of France, by someone who seams equally, if not more smitten with the place than myself, since I have never been.

He illustrates very cleverly, and the best part is majority of the images have there own plot going on as you view them. They don’t need words. I love his sense of humour, here are some more (12, 3, 4).

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New Blog

Here’s to starting a new blog, again. I am going to stick it out, until at least March 2013, because that is when my boyfriend (Robbie) and I end our lease in Hobart, Tasmania.

We have been here since late March this year, and while he has managed to secure a first, and now a second job, I am still unemployed.

I am a graphic design graduate, but also a waitress of five years, and have not managed to attain either.

This period has prod me to expand my own projects, but at no cost of time, I feel I’m wandering in circles, going back and forth, and doubting myself constantly.

Since moving here I have made zero new friends – I am painfully shy, and for that I am responsible.

Life in Tasmania has been gratifying, but demonstrating this view to family and friends at home, when I have lain no roots, is confusing. At this rate, who knows what we will do when the time comes to exit our lease? At the very least, a new adventure, but I want to feel I made the best of this opportunity, because it was my idea to move here after all.

In July I began volunteering at a local primary school as a member of the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden programme, and found myself in the company of food tech retirees and grandparents-whom were all lovely, but I don’t suppose I have much more to offer them than a friendly face, and some pretty poor cooking skills.

I had been a fan of Stephanie Alexander, and knew of the programme, and when I found it listed on a volunteer website I jumped at the chance.

There were a lot of other contributing factors, including the simultaneously broadcast Kids in the Kitchen, host by Sara Weiner, where 12 kids from all over Europe are brought to Provence to be passed on her passion for cooking and food. They learn to garden, and care for animals as well.

In addition to this, there is my fascination with Italian artist and designer Bruno Munari, whom I was first introduced to by his book Design as Art. He dedicates a chapter to Children’s Books, which are intelligent, and simple and witty, and many great organisations has stemmed from his practices.

Before both of these there was my love of Anorak, and before this Carole Daprey of piqpoq and Vintage for Kids.

Currently, my goal is to create my own form of publications for kids.

This is what this blog will be, me spitting out thoughts, rather than guarding them pointlessly. I will proof read once, and once published, it’s published for good.

I’m sure this post rambles, and isn’t that engaging but I know I can write, and it will get better with time. I hope I lead you to some interesting things, because it is mainly blogs that have led me to the path I am on now.

Sincerely your new blogger,


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