Monsieur Lambert

“Monsieur Lambert” by Sempé.

Borrowed from the Local library, in response to a post on Vintage Kids’ Books My Kid Loves, in which the blogs’ author, Burgin Streetman, notes Sempe as one of her all time favourite illustrators.

In my honest opinion, I didn’t love the story of the book, it is narrated with speech bubbles, and I gave up half way through. But the illustrations, particularly those in watercolour, are so inviting.

I enjoy his attention to detail, an incite into another view of France, by someone who seams equally, if not more smitten with the place than myself, since I have never been.

He illustrates very cleverly, and the best part is majority of the images have there own plot going on as you view them. They don’t need words. I love his sense of humour, here are some more (12, 3, 4).

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